What our clients have to say

Kevin at Bay Area Stretcher Bars goes out of his way to over deliver, working on our schedule when timing is tight. We count on him to do the most professional and expedient job possible whenever important and valuable canvases need stretching or re-stretching, and all at a price that is reasonable enough to keep us loyal repeat customers.
Raman Frey, Frey Norris Gallery - www.freynorris.com

Kevin Keul offers custom craftsmanship, prompt delivery, affordable prices, quality materials, and friendly customer relations. As an artist, I appreciate his in-depth knowledge of materials and his quick turn-around time. I've recommended Bay Area Stretcher Bars to my students and my artist peers alike as the best and most reliable custom stretcher and panel supply source in the Bay Area.
Jamie Brunson - www.jamiebrunson.com

I have used Kevin Keul's Bay Area Stretcher Bars since he opened his business in 1998. His stretcher bars are top of the line, and I use him for all my more challenging re-stretch jobs, especially larger canvas that come into the gallery without the proper backing or braces. I highly recommend Kevin for his top quality stretcher bars and canvases.
David Peniston, Registrar, MODERNISM - www.modernisminc.com

I have been working with Kevin for more than 5 years and have been thrilled with his stretchers bars and service. The basswood bars I use are strong, sturdy and beautiful. My work is shipped all over the world and I have not had one problem with the construction or support in different climates and installations. He is a professional and easy going guy to work with.
Eric Zener - www.ericzener.com

Hosfelt Gallery has used Kevin Keul for making our stretchers for quite a few years. Kevin has always done an exemplary job with our particular challenges: most of the stretchers we have needed have been for previously stretched and painted oils from contemporary European artists, so Kevin has had to restretch from original metric sizes, sometimes working with paintings that were painted on the sides as well as the face of the canvas. He has always accommodated our often short turnaround times.
David Stroud, Hosfelt Gallery - www.hosfeltgallery.com

Bay Area Stretcher Bars are superior to any I have used in the past 30 years. They are moderately priced, but huge in quality.

I've been using Bay Area Stretcher Bars for the past year and think Kevin does a great job. His craftsmanship is terrific and the service is prompt and courteous. Kevin stands behind his product and he is a pleasure to work with.

Kevin brings old-school fine craftsmanship to my giant high-tech digital photo prints on canvas. It is a joy to install them with their sanded edges, perfectly placed hangers and straight and true frames. My Silicon Valley clients are very happy with the perfect canvasses that grace their public spaces.
Barbara Ockel, owner, Sustainable Contract Design

Kevin Keul has been building my canvases for at least ten years - maybe longer. The quality of the wood he uses is excellent: a light but sturdy basswood bevelled and sanded smooth for easy handling. The workmanship is precise, museum quality, and Kevin has learned how to make the canvases the way I need them. Often I paint on multiple panels, and they fit together seamlessly. Kevin is also very responsive and works hard to provide me with canvases when I need them, which has often been on short notice. I can't imagine working with anyone else in the Bay Area.
Hung Liu, Oakland - www.kelliu.com

At Electric Works we produce canvases up to 72" x90", and it was a godsend to find Bay Area Stretcher Bars to do our stretching. He does precise custom work, and really does a great job on the tricky big stuff . He's gotten jobs done for us under budget and ahead of schedule without sacrificing quality. It's really great, as a small business, to be able to work with someone who understands the value of the personal touch -- he's gone out of his way to coordinate pickups and deliveries, even done work for us on-site. We now use Bay Area Stretcher Bars exclusively for all our stretcher bar needs.
Kris Shapiro, Digital Imager, Electric Works - www.sfelectricworks.com